An exclusive private training facility tucked away in the heart of Hollywood, takes inspiration in both name and wellness philosophy from the earliest and most recognizable anatomical representation of the human body: Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘The Vitruvian Man’. 


Founded by Johnny Fontana, the Vitru space and training method evolved from the belief that restoring and building fundamental body movements – which often become restricted over time – unlocks full physical potential for proper exercise. The approach allows individuals to achieve long-term fitness goals, as well as develop and maintain peak form. Mobility, strength, length and tone are built as one. 


Located on a central, yet quiet street, Vitru’s stealth black façade belies the airy 4,000 square foot warehouse space, boasting 16-foot bow truss ceilings replete with skylights, concrete flooring, and all-black equipment set against white walls. A pared-down aesthetic allows for the focus to be purely on the work at hand.


The full-service location provides an open-concept training floor featuring top of the line cardio equipment, 75-feet of indoor turf, yoga room, massage room, and an industrial kitchen stocked with Juice Served Here, Kore Kitchen, and Koia products. 



Johnny's trajectory in the fitness industry began eleven years ago at the elite training institute, EXOS (formerly named Athletes' Performance), in Scottsdale, AZ, where he worked directly under Luke Richesson (NFL Strength Coach of the Year 2014). Johnny cut his teeth training NFL players during their off-season and MMA fighters during training camp. From there, Johnny moved to Los Angeles, where he has focused on proactive health and performance for entertainment, creative and business industry professionals for the past eight years.