Manual Therapy (ART/Massage/SASTM/Joint Mobilizations)

A clinical approach utilizing hands-on techniques used to treat soft tissue and joint structures.  These techniques can be used for modulating pain, increasing range of motion, reducing or eliminating soft tissue inflammation, improving joint stability, tissue extensibility and function. 


Use of local suction to create a negative pressure environment for the skin/facial tissues.  Cupping provides local pain relief as well as better gliding of tissues under the surface.


Blood Flow restriction training is a therapy strategy using cuffs wrapped around limbs during exercise, which allows limited arterial outflow but fully restricts venous inflow.  BFR is clinically proven to increase hypertrophy and strength similar to heavy load strength training.  The science behind BFR allows clients to experience an increase in metabolic stress, muscle fiber recruitment, intramuscular signaling for protein synthesis, release of GH and IGF-1, and proliferation of myogenic stem cells within the tissue.


The compex muscle stimulator uses electrical impulses to elicit muscle contractions.  The compex can be used as a training adjunct for increased muscle fiber recruitment, post-training recovery, local muscle relaxation and pain relief.  

Therapeutic/Corrective Exercise

Therapeutic exercise is bodily movement prescribed to correct an impairment or improve musculoskeletal function.  Selection of exercises are based on an advanced understanding of biomechanics and physiology of the human body.  Ther Ex works to improve tissue capacity, mobilize joints, reinforce correct motor patterns and promote blood flow.

Canisius College- 2009-2010 - Assisted w/ Men’s Basketball, Women’s Softball

Buffalo Bills- 2011-12 Student Intern

Clemson University 2013-14 Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer w/ Women’s Volleyball

Buffalo Bills- 2015 Seasonal Intern
Buffalo Bills- 2016-19 Assistant Athletic Trainer